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artist statement

james hill

“A metal sculptor struggles for extraordinary precision and economy to reveal the fragile beauty of human life in an unyielding material world”

--James Hill, 2004

I strive to reveal the essence of the figure and relationship between forms to convey universal emotions with which we can all identify. Steel, stainless steel and bronze are enduring, elemental materials in which to host these forms and relationships. In the process of uniting forms, I also consider the dynamic presence of the negative space arising between each individual form as a central component of each composition. I love the raw color and feel of metal. The surface quality, richness, and texture is specific and generated through the incorporation of chemical patinas, oxidizers, and grinding tools.

Engaging with a material that is by nature cold, rigid and inflexible challenges my creativity and expands my understanding of the world. Through a process of cutting, forming, and welding, steel as a metaphor vividly expresses the human condition; we are challenged to be both flexible and durable, beautiful and formidable. The amazing possibilities and stubborn resistance of metal illustrate the paradoxical nature of steel and make it the most expressive material for me as an artist.



James Hill Porttait by Dan Conner





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